A4 College Ruled Minimalist Digital Notebook

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This minimalist digital notebook by Paperless X organises your digital notebooks in any note-taking app that supports hyperlinks. It takes away the headaches of tabs and multiple options so you can just focus on taking your notes.

1x PDF file (Minimalist Digital Notebook by Paperless X, A4 College Ruled with a left margin for 16 Topics)


  • Cover page
  • Narrow Ruled
  • Contents page for 16 topics, each topic (on margin) hyperlinks to topic pages
  • 16 Topic pages
  • 16 Non-topic pages that you can duplicate for long topics
  • None of the hyperlinks will get in your way when you're using the notebook


  • We recommend using this notebook with note-taking (and PDF readers) apps that support hyperlinks: Noteshelf, Notability and GoodNotes. 
  • We recommend this for notes that you want to keep in one document. For example, all the topics for one subject or for one project. 


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